Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Traditions- A Valentine Tree

Ours is a relatively young family. Well, OK, that isn't really true. Husband and I aren't all that young anymore and we have been married over 10 years. But, our children aren't even 3 years old yet so, we have a lot of family traditions to build.

One of them got their start about 14 years ago- a year after I first became a Christian. I moved back home from college to live with my Mother after my father's passing and I finished school locally. My sister got me this little fiber optic table top Christmas tree that I LOVE. It is multicolored and shimmery and awesome. I wasn't allowed by my mother to have a regular Christmas tree in the common area so, this little tree was the perfect one to keep in my room.

Each Christmas since then, I have happily displayed this tree even though I have long since had my own home with its own large tree.

Christmas of 2010, I put up my tree and turned it on. The boys were enthralled by the sparkle and multicoloredness of it and asked for me to plug it in time and time again even long after Christmas was over. I just couldn't bring myself to pack it up with the rest of the Christmas decor because they got so much joy out of my little tree. So, it stayed out.

This past year for Christmas, I put some snowflake decorations on it and the boys loved that. But, once I had put away the Christmas stuff, I was struck by an idea to have a multi season perpetual holiday tree. So, our tree is now decorated for Valentines day for the first time and I'm guessing that, through the year, it will acquire its own little wardrobe of different holiday attire.

It was incredibly gratifying to hear their screams of delight when they saw it decked out in hearts and declared the decorations pretty. I just have to either bottle that feeling..... or keep decorating it for new holidays!

Here it is in its Valentine glory!


  1. I had an aunt who always decked out her house for the holidays-she had different types of trees and little ornaments to put on them for the different holidays. Made it really fun to be at her house as a kid. Such a great idea-and a really cool tree!

  2. It looks perfect!!! No wonder the boys screamed so delightedly! :-)