Saturday, February 4, 2012

Freebies of The Week and How You Can Find Some, Too!

I love freebies! I have been making more of an effort to register for ones that I want for myself out ones that I think my family would love. In my mailbox this week was a package of a dozen milk chocolate hot cocoa k-cupswhich I think retail for about 7 dollars! I think that has been my highest value freebie yet.

Also, I received a 6 dollar credit to for a previous purchase (they credit you with a percentage of each purchase that you can use like a gift card later) and I got some concealer and highlighter I was needing-for free!

I used my Shoprunner membership to get free 2 day shipping on my order so it was truly a zero balance!

I have signed up for many more freebies that I am super excited to get. I will update with my latest finds from my mailbox!

One great way that you can try right now to get a few freebies is to check out icravefreebies for the latest opportunies to sign up for some great free things. One thing I will also suggest is to sign up for a free email account (like gmail or hotmail) to use for your freebie adventures. That way, you won't get a spam cluttered inbox in your regular email!

Try out new products, bless your family with products they would love, or take some items off your "to buy" list for free!


  1. You are quickly becoming the Queen of "freebies"...Another great blog!