Monday, February 14, 2011

What does it mean to be happy?

Happiness. We all want it, strive for it, dream about it. We all wonder about it, work on it, look for it- try to recognize it when we see it. But, if we don't know where the finish line is, how will we know when we've arrived?

We feel it in snippets and wonder if there comes a point when we ARE happy instead of just temporarily FEELING happy. But is that even possible- to feel "snippet" happy all the time? 

What does happy mean? Money? Success? Not wanting something more? 

Is happiness getting what we've always dreamed of or is it having what we never dreamed possible?

What does happiness mean to you and how does that change how you live your life?

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  1. I use to set high expectations for happiness then through my first marriage I was trained to lower the bar and lower the bar and lower the bar and finally fooled myself into believing that my misery wasn't happy...if we didn't argue and I didn't find out about him viewing porn I fooled myself into believing I was happy.

    Now that I'm in my second marriage I've been reminded that having expectations leads to disappoint...however, it's not because I'm miserable. It's because I've learned or at least am learning to live in the moment and not try to plan out the next step, the one following that and so on and so forth. My husband is an amazing man, most days I am happy or at least content. If I find myself being just content I just take an inventory of my life...At this point through the dropping of expectations I find that most of my childhood fantasies of my life have come to not all, I didn't imagine I'd still be in undergrad school at 31:) But ya know I've got the pretty little yellow house, fenced in yard full of kids toys, a beautifully amazing daughter, a caring, loving, providing hubby who I consider a friend as well, a part time job that's a ton of fun and am pursuing what will be a gratifying career both personally and financially and I should be able to work part time and still contribute greatly to our financial situation.

    Did that answer your question? LOL