Saturday, August 28, 2010

Virus of Doom....Or, Where in the World Have I Been?

OK. Here's the thing. Becoming a modern housewife can be a fits and starts process. I am learning as I go and I have stumbling blocks along the way.

In this case, my family has had one of the worst run of 6 weeks in our history.

First, my hernia. Carrying my two boys to full term- simultaneously- did some damage to my belly. The hernia is the only fixable part unless someone gifts me their millions for a full body lift!

I had my hernia repaired and had almost fully recovered from that (and the 10 days I wasn't able to lift my boys) when Husband and I were struck by the most horrible of illnesses to have after abdominal surgery- Rotavirus.

Thank God for Emergency Rooms that are empty and freely dispense anti-nausea drugs!

So, after the Husband's unfortunate relapse and the kids' brush with Rotavirus, we are finally back on our (somewhat thinner) feet.

Things are starting to pick up again in my homemaking efforts so, this blog will pick back up along with them!

In honor of Rotavirus, I am linking you to Preggie Pops- the antinausea candy for morning sickness, chemo, and any other nausea. It is my tribute to them for helping me survive the horribleness!

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  1. So glad to read you survived! But what a horrible ordeal to have to battle...