Thursday, July 22, 2010

Signs of Success

There are many ways to gauge one's success in the workplace. Did you get a raise? A promotion? Did your boss or client praise the job you've done?

In the home, there are no such benchmarks of success. Especially for someone learning the ropes of engaging in the career of homemaker, the signs of success can be even less obvious. Things are not always in order or gleaming as I dreamed they would be. I'm working on it. Dinners are not always on time, I'm working on that, too. I am not always put together (or even that clean) by the end of the day when Husband arrives home.

But, the other day, I noticed a sign of my success. Right before I went grocery shopping over the weekend, I noticed the fridge was bare. I had used everything I bought the week before and the leftovers had been consumed. I didn't have to throw out moldy berries or identify various leftover-ish science experiments lingering in the recesses of the refrigerator. There weren't any dried out herbs sitting on the shelf that went into the trash or shriveled corn that went unused during the week. I had cooked or used everything I had purchased.

And that, to me, was a victory.

Now, where's my raise?


  1. I so wish I could manage this...any pointers, tips on how you accomplished this?

  2. What happens if you get both done? I work and still have the rest to do too! :(