Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Before this endeavor to become more present in my household and really make the most of my role as homemaker, I was really lonely in my daily life of the grind of twins.

Eat, play, eat, nap, play, eat, play, nap, play, eat, play, sleep.

Over and over and over and over. Day after day of the same thing.

While my children bring me joy, I was feeling so alone. I'm not sure it needs saying that year old babies are not wonderful conversationalists. I just got lost in the shuffle and I just felt like someone who was here just to cut food into tiny pieces. It didn't matter that I was ME. I could have been any food chopping robot.

There is something about making my home instead of just living in the house that makes me less lonely. When I work on a project of cooking or cleaning, I feel like Husband is here with me cheering me on. I feel happy because I know we'll be happy enjoying the fruits of this labor.

It makes a difference that it's me here with my boys. I am not just a schedule keeper, book reader, food cutter, diaper changer. I am a homemaker. All of the mundane things can be done without love but, homemaking requires the heart behind the work.


  1. I love this new endeavor! I love reading you again! I'm impressed by all that you do:) I suck at being a housewife...

  2. Oh, of course you don't suck! Everyone has a different definition of housewife. But, if you want to improve in some areas, let me know what they are and maybe I can put up a few posts on those topics. :)