Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Challenge

The month of July is a "challenge" month for us. What does that mean? Mostly that I have done some serious back sliding in some area of our home life but, this July it means NO eating out or doing takeout.

Since our boys were born 13 months ago, we've gotten into the habit of waiting until the last minute to figure out dinner. It goes something like this:

Me to Husband: "What do you want for dinner?"

Husband (over the
phone from work): "I don't know."

Me: "Humph."

Husband: "What?"

Me: "Why can't YOU ever figure out dinner for once??!!"

"How about pizza?"

Me: "Fine."

Lather, rinse, repeat. I would get so annoyed that this was an issue yet again and that no one ever seemed to have a better answer for dinner. And it has wreaked havoc on our bank account, too.

So, July, I declared a no takeout or restaurant month. Today is the 13th and I have lived up to not only no takeout but, I have upped the ante to include a requirement of at least 70% scratch made meals. A recipe for the impossible- if you'll pardon the pun- when you consider that most of the last year's meals were considered homemade if I cut the rotisserie chicken from the grocery store myself.

But, it's going just fine, so far. So much so that I wonder if every month should be a challenge month. They say it takes only 3 weeks to form a new habit. I have lots of habits to undo and, maybe I can undo them one month at a time.


Welcome to my blog on becoming a Modern Housewife. It will be a journey for me since I am not a natural at these things. I thought, when my children were born, that I would be going back to work after a respectable 3 months and just keep on keeping on. But I just couldn't leave them and, now, I am finding myself in a new "career" making a home and being a Mom and Wife.


  1. Nice blog! I think it will be great to see the photos of all the homemade food you've been making! (Hint, hint.) Yay!!

  2. Hi from the MoM board! Do you menu plan? It saves my life. It's so nice to know what we're having for dinner every night.

  3. Hi, Erin! I actually do menu plan but, I do it for the week and not day by day. Some days are higher energy days and some days are not. I have meals that are more intensive and ones that are easier during the week.

    I don't always know when those harder days will be and having fluidity in my meal planning helps me to not feel like just chucking it all and calling for pizza again! :)

  4. Poop. My comment went bye bye.

    I used to meal plan (3 meals a week) before baby and hubby working. We would shop for the ingredients and then he would be at his leisure to make the meals for dinner. Yes, he did the cooking. It would be nice - three meals, with leftovers worked beautifully for us. Not sure why we got out of the habit, but we do need to get back there...